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Bana ba Metsi School is a facility established in 2000 to help youths at risk of missing out on a basic primary education and starting to engage in negative lifestyles.

Although primary education is freely available in Botswana many students, particularly in remote areas, find it difficult to fit into the traditional education system and drop-out or are expelled.  Reasons are many and varied: behavioural difficulties, poverty, orphan families and so on.

Mission Statement

To provide an opportunity for youth at risk to develop understandings, skills, attitudes and personal qualities through the dignity of learning and work, in order to re-enter the formal education system and become productive members of the community.

Students are referred to the school by a number of different agencies: social welfare officers, community based non-governmental organisations, education workers, family members and the general public.

Once at the school they attend academic lessons according to Botswana’s primary school curriculum.  At the end of their studies they sit the Primary School Leaving Exam before proceeding to secondary school.

In addition to academic subjects students also learn vocational skills such as bricklaying, carpentry, mechanics, agriculture, music and even information technology.  These skills, as well as being practical, give them a sense of achievement, self-reliance and self-worth which may have been lacking before.

The school receives some funding from central government, but relies heavily on donations to improve its activities and facilities.  This website is meant to give active and prospective donors an insight into the school’s activities and where the money goes.

Please look around and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.